The writer Fulvio Abbate tells us: “it is not important that Suca accompanies a name. Suca has no gender, it is neither masculine nor feminine. Suca is like a fixed point in space and can be enough, like any insult, even only for itself”.

Suca goes hand in hand with all creative professions.

“There is no budget for this project, but we give you visibility”. Answer? SUCA. Easy, direct, versatile. Praticamente un antidoto naturale

There are 40 copies in two color variants. Each poster is stamped, numbered and signed

N.B. Each copy is inked and printed manually, so there may be small differences in inking between the photo you see and the copy you receive. Frame not included

Dimensione: 70X50 CM
Carta: Fedrigoni Arena natural smooth - 200 gr
Caratteri utilizzati: Liberty legno
Tiratura: 40


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